Conditions of carriage – General terms and conditions of business

Article 1 Commissioning and booking

The commissioning of and subsequent confirmation by Rauch Reisen KG (hereinafter referred to as RR) or the booking partners thereof results in a contract of carriage. Commissioning may ensue online or in a travel agency. Scope of performance and price of carriage comply with the applicable price list in each case.

In principle, any entitlement to carriage exists only at the agreed time. Please ensure when booking that your information on departure times and/or arrival times correspond to the relevant data on your plane ticket as well as on the transfer confirmation – please also bear in mind that the departure date does not always correspond to the arrival date at the arrival airport for flights coming from abroad.

RR always complies with the information furnished in the commission and may not be rendered liable for false declarations.

Should the departure date be announced instead of the arrival date, the entitlement to carriage expires on the arrival date and the transfer must be paid for again.

Article 2 Change in arrival/departure times

RR may not be rendered liable for the consequences of false declarations. In the event of changes in your departure and/or arrival times, please inform us immediately.

Passengers are obligated to notify us of any rebookings made after the order has been placed, either in writing, via e-mail or by telephone. Failure to notify will cause the obligation to carry to expire.

Article 3 Unscheduled events

RR cannot assume any liability whatsoever for unscheduled events in air traffic. In such cases, the perpetrator of the damage should be rendered liable.

We do, however, constantly endeavour to rebook our passengers onto a later flight free of charge, although we are under no obligation whatsoever to do so.

Article 4 Cancellations

For cancellations within 24 hours of performance commencement, we charge 100% of the agreed price for the one-way transfer on the basic route. Cancellation for round trip transfers remains free of charge for the return journey.

Article 5 Reservation deadlines

Reservations should be made at least 3 days before commencement of travel. In the event of last-minute registrations, we can only provide you with our remaining seats.

Article 6 Liability

RR cannot be held liable for the consequences of delays on our part (due to traffic congestion or traffic jams). Liability for the consequences of delays due to slight negligence is excluded.

We can only compensate exceptional situations, such as air traffic controllers’ strike or extremely bad weather conditions, to a limited extent as well. Here, our customers must also be prepared to accept longer waiting times. Passengers who have not presented themselves at our meeting points punctually, will lose their entitlement to carriage, but will be rebooked onto the next possible transfer journey according to seating availability.

Should you be held up in the airport for any reason whatsoever and not be able to reach the meeting point punctually, please inform us of your delay by telephone.

The company assumes no liability for loss of or damage to pieces of luggage or the contents thereof, for animals and articles of any kind, items of clothing, electronic devices and for diverse merchandise and goods.

Every passenger is obligated to transfer his or her luggage to the driver when loading the vehicle and to personally check the integrity of the pieces of luggage upon arrival - RR assumes no liable for lost luggage.

RR’s vehicles are all properly registered and insured.

Article 7 Exclusive transfer

For our demanding customers or customers bound by fixed times, we recommend our EXCLUSIVE TRANSFER. Contrary to our South Tyrol Bus with set departure times, the respectively booked party will be individually served by a special journey. According to your individual wishes, this allows you to book 1 to 78 persons at the Exclusive Transfer price. There are no waiting times involved either.

Article 8 South Tyrol Bus

Our South Tyrol Bus is used to connect departures/arrivals within a certain timeframe; accordingly, this may cause waiting times for our passengers at the airport.

Every customer receives a pickup time from us when registering, which may change depending on journey route, traffic and weather conditions, although such time changes do not usually undershoot or overshoot 15 - 60 minutes.

Should you not receive a call from us on the day before your departure, the time agreed when booking still applies. Information on changes in the pickup time is deemed delivered if, in the absence of the guest, the relevant information is left on the mailbox, the answering machine, at the hotel reception, or sent by SMS to the mobile phone.

Should our driver be more than 10 minutes late in arriving to pick you up at the meeting point, PLEASE CALL OUR EMERGENCY NUMBER IMMEDIATELY!!! Only then can we promptly intercept any problems in your interests.

Article 9 Meeting points

The meeting points at the airport are at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 respectively. Please consult our homepage for the directions to get to these meeting points.

Article 10 Luggage

Two cases and one piece of hand luggage per person may be carried without surcharge. In the event of excess baggage and bulky luggage surcharges will be levied, as larger vehicles usually need to be deployed in such cases.

Bicycles must be packaged in the box with the front wheel detached. The surcharges may be found in our current price list.

Non-registered excess baggage may only be carried in exceptional cases and in return for payment of an appropriate extra charge.

The amount of the additional price depends on the extra logistical effort needed. The company assumes no liability for pieces of luggage or the contents thereof, for animals and articles of any kind, items of clothing, electronic devices and for diverse merchandise and goods. The transatlantic baggage provisions apply – any luggage beyond this must be registered and will be charged as freight.

Article 11 Discounts

Children up to 3 years old receive 100% discounts. Children’s discounts apply only to children accompanied by their parents – not to groups of children! – 2 children maximum per full-paying adult.

Please consult our price lists for the group discounts.

Article 12 At the airport

Please consult our website for details of the procedure at the airport, including all telephone numbers, price lists and addresses.

Article 13 General information

In principle, there is no obligation to accept a carriage order. Scope of performance and price of carriage comply with the applicable price list in each case.

An entitlement to carriage exists only at the agreed time. The customer undertakes to immediately notify RR headquarters in writing of any complaints regarding performance, but no later than 1 week after the journey associated with the performance ends.

Article 14 Place of jurisdiction

The competent court in Bolzano is agreed as place of jurisdiction.

South Tyrol Bus – Rauch Reisen KG wishes you a pleasant journey!