Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to questions SÜDTIROL BUS gets asked most frequently.

How can I buy tickets for SÜDTIROL BUS?

You can buy tickets for SÜDTIROL BUS affordably and conveniently online or using the new SÜDTIROL BUS smartphone app. The ticket is then sent to your email address.

SÜDTIROL BUS tickets are also available from our partner travel agents. You can find your nearest travel agent on our website.

Before getting on the bus, all you have to do is show the driver your SÜDTIROL BUS ticket booking confirmation – either a print-out or a QR code on your smartphone.

Do I need a ticket to get on the bus?

You need to show a print-out or electronic (PDF file) booking confirmation and a valid official form of identification with photograph (identity card or passport).

Can I buy a ticket from the driver?

We recommend our customers to buy their tickets in advance.

For last-minute passengers, it is possible to buy tickets for SÜDTIROL BUS from the bus driver, albeit subject to availability! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee at short notice that there will be any seats left on your preferred bus.

How long before/How close to departure can I buy my SÜDTIROL BUS ticket?

At SÜDTIROL BUS, we are working hard every day to improve our services. We have three priorities: punctuality, attractive departure times and optimum transfers for our customers.

In order to respond to feedback and implement improvements as quickly as possible, we generally sell tickets no more than a few months in advance. Of course, we make sure that a route can always be booked at least 4 weeks in advance.
The earliest you can book your SÜDTIROL BUS journey is approximately 6 to 8 weeks before departure. If tickets can be bought, you will find it in the SÜDTIROL BUS booking system, otherwise you will not be able to select the travel date.

And since it always pays to book early at SÜDTIROL BUS, why don’t you check right now whether your preferred travel date is available!

The latest booking time: You can buy a bus ticket online up to approx. 12 hours before departure. Any later than that, you can still buy a ticket from the SÜDTIROL BUS driver at the main stop on the route, on condition that the SÜDTIROL BUS is not full and the bus serves the stop.

How can I pay?

The payment options depend on how you book. If you book online, you can pay by credit card and PayPal. If buying a ticket on the bus, you must pay the fare in cash. You will be given a receipt.

It is not yet possible to pay by card on the bus. In our partner travel agents you have all the payment options they offer, but at the very least cash payment is possible.

How is my ticket issued when I book online?

After you book online, an email will be sent immediately to the email address you give (If it is not in your inbox, please check in your Spam folder!). Your ticket with the individual QR barcode in PDF format will be attached to the email.

In principle, you may show the valid QR code on your smartphone when boarding the SÜDTIROL BUS. However, it is safer to print out the valid QR barcode and the ticket.

You may print out your ticket for SÜDTIROL BUS in black and white and on recycled paper. What matters is that it is legible! When printing out your ticket, check that the QR code is not creased and is easy to read, or else the bus driver will not be able to scan it when you board.

Can I buy tickets for other people?

SÜDTIROL BUS tickets are transferrable. What matters is that a valid QR code is presented to the driver. You may certainly buy tickets for your friends and family. However, you may not resell tickets, especially on online platforms.

Can I change my booking or transfer the ticket to a different person?

Yes, in principle, it is possible to change the travel date or departure time. SÜDTIROL BUS does not charge if you change your booking no later than 24 hours before the bus departs.

It is possible to transfer a ticket to a different person or a different route free of charge up to one day before departure. However, if the new booking costs more than the original booking, you will be charged the difference.

Is it possible to cancel a booking?

Yes, in principle, cancellations are possible for all fares. If you wish to cancel and obtain a refund, a processing fee of 30 euros per booking applies.

If the price of the new booking is higher than the price of the cancelled booking, the difference must be paid. If the price of the new booking is lower than the price of the cancelled booking, the difference is not refunded. Cancellations are only possible through our central booking office or through our partner agents. To cancel your booking, please go to the home page and click on Edit booking.

Can I manage / cancel / change my bookings myself?

You can cancel your bookings and change the passenger’s name by going to our home page and clicking on Edit booking.

What do I need to know about international bus journeys?

Please make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you and only take duty-free items with you on cross-border journeys.

Please also observe the passport, visa, foreign exchange control, customs and health regulations.

How many pieces of luggage may I take with me?

When travelling on SÜDTIROL BUS, you may bring one piece of hand luggage, and two pieces of hold luggage.

Hold luggage is limited to two pieces, each with maximum dimensions of 67 x 50 x 27 cm and a maximum weight of 20 kg. A charge applies as of the third piece of luggage.

If your pieces of luggage exceed the maximum dimensions, you must clear this with SÜDTIROL BUS beforehand.

Hand luggage is limited to one piece with maximum dimensions of 38 x 28 x 15 cm and a maximum weight of 15 kg.

Where is my nearest stop?

The stops are usually well-known bus stops or prominent meeting places. You can find your nearest point of departure by going to Stops on our home page. In addition, precise information on your stop is printed on your ticket.

Problems with online booking?

In most cases, the reason for problems finding routes or selecting buses on the website is the Internet browser you are using. We use very high security standards and our website is optimised to the new browser versions. So, all you have to do is upgrade the browser or download the latest version, and your online booking should go smoothly.

Download the latest browser

You should also deactivate the adblocker in the browser before making a SÜDTIROL BUS booking. In Firefox, the add-on is called “Adblock Plus” and this is what you should deactivate before making a SÜDTIROL BUS booking.

What does group rate mean?

The reduced group rate applies to 4 or more passengers. Group bookings must be made in advance and all passengers must be booked at the same time. It is not possible to group multiple individual bookings into one group booking.

What is a day return?

If you complete a round-trip on the same day, a reduced-rate day return applies.

How do I book my bicycle / ski bag / surfboard?

Bicycles / ski bags / surfboards can be booked as part of the normal booking process. To do so, enter the number of passengers and the number of bicycles / ski bags / surfboards you wish to take with you. However, they cannot be booked on their own without a passenger.

Can I take my pet with me?

We regret to inform animal lovers that you cannot take pets with you on SÜDTIROL BUS.

However, visually-impaired passengers may take their guide dog with them free of charge on presentation of their official disabled pass.

What do I need to know about travelling with children?

Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent. If not, a certificate must be obtained from the Questura (police station), stating who may accompany the minor. This applies to relatives as well (grandparent, uncle, aunt, godparent, and so on). A written declaration from a parent will NOT be accepted!

Minors aged 14 and over may travel on our buses alone without being accompanied if they present a declaration of consent from a parent or guardian.

Children travelling unaccompanied get priority seat selection.

Download the consent form

Please note: Children must be buckled into an infant/child seat for the duration of the journey. For safety reasons, they may not travel in a buggy/pram. Children aged 3 and under must travel in an infant seat or a suitable child seat. You must bring the seat with you and ensure it is secured with the lap belt for the entire duration of the journey aboard SÜDTIROL BUS.

Can I take my buggy/pram with me?

You may certainly take a buggy/pram with you on SÜDTIROL BUS. There is no charge, but please book it in when you make your booking.

Are there smoking breaks or stopovers?

Extended breaks other than normal stopovers (coffee, toilet and fuelling breaks) are not scheduled on SÜDTIROL BUS journeys. This means you get to your destination faster.

Smoking is not permitted on our Südtirol buses. However, you can get off the bus for a cigarette at the scheduled stops.

If you do get off the bus at any time, please do not wander too far from the bus in case it drives off without you! To find out how long the SÜDTIROL BUS is stopping for, simply ask your bus driver.

Do I have to change buses on my journey?

SÜDTIROL BUS mainly offers direct connections. This means that you almost always get to your destination conveniently and directly without having to change.

In exceptional cases – such as on very long routes – you will have to change buses. In these cases, we guarantee your onward connection to the destination in your booking even in the event of delays.

Please note: If, when planning your journey, you take it upon yourself to combine individual routes and buy these tickets separately, SÜDTIROL BUS cannot guarantee you will make your connection. Therefore, please allow sufficient time for changing buses.

What is your safety policy on board the bus?

Seat belts must be worn on board SÜDTIROL BUS, just as in a car. Each seat on SÜDTIROL BUS is fitted with a safety belt. Your driver will ask you to fasten your belt yourself for the duration of the journey on SÜDTIROL BUS.

Luggage, extra luggage and bulky luggage is carried in the luggage compartment. Your SÜDTIROL BUS driver will ensure that it is loaded correctly. Your hand luggage must be stowed safely in the overhead rack above your seat.

Our bus drivers must adhere strictly and without exception to the statutory rest periods and driving hours. For this reason, on longer journeys, there will be two drivers on board. (For this reason, unscheduled stops may arise in the event of delays in the schedule. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.) In addition, our drivers are specially trained in passenger transport and regularly complete safe-driving training.

Our buses are equipped in line with the latest safety standards. All SÜDTIROL BUS vehicles and electronics are, of course, TÜV-tested and are regularly serviced.