Scope, Contractual Partner and Contacts

The following terms of business apply to the booking of travel and the carriage of travellers by Südtirol Bus.

When a journey is booked and a confirmation of reservation is issued, a contract of carriage enters into force with

Tirol Bus Srl.
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hereafter referred to as “Südtirol Bus”.

Order Placement and Booking - Establishment of the Contract of Carriage

A contract of carriage is established following the placing of an order and subsequent its confirmation by Tirol Bus Srl. or its booking partner.
Orders are placed online on the internet, in our booking office in Bolzano or in a partner travel agency.
The correct transmission of the passenger details (telephone number!), and the flight number and flight times for the outbound and return flights are the sole responsibility of the customer.
The scope of services and carriage price are in accordance with the prices stated on the reservation website.
Bookings by telephone cannot be accepted due to possible transcription errors.
The customer must immediately check the booking confirmation or the invoice issued for errors, inaccuracies or discrepancies and notify Tirol Bus Srl. without delay.
In particular, the contract of carriage shall not enter into force if the customer provides incomplete or incorrect information in relation to its actual purpose.

Contract Content

The shared transfer travel service is described in the booking.
However, Tirol Bus Srl. reserves the right to make changes to the service, provided that they do not affect the essence of the service. The service content is described in the latest applicable service implementation guidelines. The prices apply for one collection address and a one-way journey.
The price includes two suitcases and one piece of hand luggage per adult.

In principle, an entitlement to carriage exists only at the agreed time.
When making your reservation, please ensure that the information provided by you about flight departure and/or arrival times corresponds with the information on your plane ticket and on the transfer confirmation - please also bear in mind that in some cases on long-haul flights the departure date is not the same as the arrival date in the destination airport.

Tirol Bus Srl. always works to the information provided in the order placed by you and cannot be held liable for any incorrect information.

If, instead of the arrival date, the departure date is provided, the entitlement to carriage elapses on the arrival date and the transfer will need to be rebooked and paid for again.

Due to the fact that transfers are shared between groups of people, it is not possible for us to exclude the possibility that when collecting customers from the airport, where planes arrive as scheduled, it may be necessary for passengers to wait for a reasonable period of time (up to a maximum of 90 minutes). Earlier landings or delays to incoming flights may lead to longer waiting times.

Passengers are obliged to notify us immediately of any changes to their booking that take place after they have placed their order with us. Short-notice changes to flight numbers must be notified to us by telephone.

In the case of delays of which the passenger is already aware prior to the plane taking off from the departure airport, the passenger shall be obliged to cooperate with the service provider.
The office in Bolzano or the emergency telephone number must be notified of the anticipated new arrival time at the airport.

Exceptional situations such as strikes, wars, internal unrest, natural and other disasters, rulings by the public authorities or extremely poor weather conditions cannot, or can only to a limited extent, be offset by Tirol Bus Srl., meaning that longer waiting times may need to be accepted by the customer.

Tirol Bus Srl. is solely responsible for determining the collection times for passengers using the shared transfer service. These are governed by the travel time, time allowed for traffic jams and the rules of the charter and scheduled airlines.

If the customer elects to arrive at the airport only a short time before their flight departs (in the case of scheduled flights in the Schengen countries less than 60 minutes, for all others less than 120 minutes or the period specified by the airline), the customer alone shall bear the risk of catching the flight in time.

The customer shall be obliged to assist in resolving any service issues that arise, and to prevent or keep to a minimum any possible damage.

Travel Documents

Passengers must carry a valid passport or other valid travel document, plus the necessary entry and transit visas that may be required as well as any possible medical certificates with them on their journey.
Passengers must also follow the rules of normal prudence and diligence and abide by the administrative and statutory rules and regulations in connection with their journey.
Passengers must find out for themselves in advance of their journey about the travel documents they are required to hold from the respective local authorities or officials, consulate or embassy and also check that their travel documents have not expired and are valid for the correct period of time.
Passengers shall be liable for any damages incurred by the transport company as a result of their failure to comply with the above obligations.
Copies or photographs of travel documents are not valid under any circumstances!

Customer Pick-Up

Tirol Bus Srl. shall notify the customer of their anticipated pick-up time on confirmation of the booking. A window of one hour will be nominated for the planned collection time.
On the day before the booked journey in the early evening (4 - 6 pm) the customer will receive an SMS and an email with their exact pick-up time.

Should the customer not receive a message, they must immediately contact the office or emergency number.

On the departure day the customer will receive a further message 1 hour before pick-up with the name and telephone number of the driver.

Tirol Bus Srl. is solely responsible for determining the collection times for passengers using the shared transfer service.
Pick-ups will always be planned to take external factors (weather, road conditions, traffic forecasts) into account, in order to ensure compliance with the necessary arrival time at the airport and check-in times specified by the airline.

In the case of collections from the airport, a check-out time of at least
20 minutes for hand luggage and
45 minutes for checked baggage
from the planned landing time must be anticipated.

It is not generally possible to react to early landings.


Two suitcases and one piece of hand luggage per adult will be carried without a surcharge.
In the case of excess baggage and bulky luggage, supplements will be charged, as in these cases larger vehicles will usually need to be used.

We must be made aware of excess baggage, bicycles, golf bags, skiing or diving equipment, surfboards and other bulky luggage when booking.

Bicycles must be packed in a box or luggage bag with the front wheel removed.

The relevant surcharges can be found on our booking website.

Excess luggage that has not been booked in advance can only be carried in exceptional cases and against payment of a reasonable surcharge. The amount of the surcharge depends on the additional logistical effort required.

Should it not be possible to carry unexpected excess baggage due to a lack of transport space, the customer must leave this behind upon pick-up.

Tirol Bus Srl. shall not be liable for any items of luggage or their contents, or for animals and items of all kinds, electronic devices and miscellaneous goods and articles.

Every passenger is obliged to hand over their luggage - which must have a luggage label or name tag - in person to the driver when loading the vehicle, and upon arrival to check the completeness and correctness of the items of luggage themselves. Tirol Bus Srl. will not be liable for any lost, mixed up or forgotten luggage.

Transport of Small Pets

Small dogs, cats and other small pets may be carried in a transport container (max. 70x30x50 cm) for a charge.
One transport container per passenger is allowed.
The customer must carry the transport documents required by law for the carriage of animals during the journey.
Larger animals cannot be transported.

Conduct in the Vehicle

Passengers are strictly forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol in the vehicle and they must wear a seat belt.
Customers who appear at the departure point visibly drunk or intoxicated will lose their entitlement to travel and may not enter the vehicle.

The drivers are authorised to exclude any persons obviously under the influence of alcohol or other drugs from the journey. The same applies to passengers who might, for other reasons, endanger other passengers or have a significant negative impact on the wellbeing of their fellow passengers.

Smoking in the vehicle is not permitted. This includes electric cigarettes.
Tirol Bus Srl. is entitled to reimbursement by customers of costs and expenses incurred to remedy any damage or carry out any cleaning required as a result of passengers’ behaviour.

Delayed Flights or Missed Connecting Flights

Tirol Bus Srl. cannot accept any liability for delayed flights or for failure to catch connecting flights. In such cases, only the originator of the loss shall be held responsible.

Tirol Bus Srl. will, however, always attempt to assist passengers in booking a later journey at no additional cost wherever possible. However there is no obligation on the part of Tirol Bus Srl. to do so.

Cancellations and Refunds

Both parties to the contract have a right to cancellation in accordance with the law.

In the case of cancellations within 48 hours of the planned commencement of the service, Tirol Bus Srl. shall make a charge of 100% of the agreed price for a one-way transfer. There will be no additional cost to cancel / rebook the return journey.

In principle, cancellations are subject to an administration charge of at least €30.00 per booking.
For rebookings, depending on the work involved, an administration charge of up to €20.00 per reservation may be levied.

In the event that a passenger does not show up at the agreed time, the travel company will collect the full price for the transport from the passenger, or retain the payment in full if the passenger has already paid

Booking Deadlines

Bookings should be made at least 3 days prior to date of travel.
For short-notice bookings we can only offer any left-over places available, which may require longer waiting times.


Tirol Bus Srl. cannot be held liable for the consequences of delays due to heavy traffic, traffic accidents, unforeseen road closures or traffic jams. Liability for the consequences of delays following minor negligence is excluded.

Exceptional situations such as strikes or extreme weather conditions can only be offset by Tirol Bus Srl. to a limited extent. In such cases longer waiting times must be accepted.
Passengers who do not report punctually to the booked stop will lose their entitlement to travel.

The vehicles used are subject to regular maintenance and are properly registered and insured.

Tirol Bus Srl. is entitled to have journeys carried out by other service providers.

Shared Transfer

The Südtirol Bus service of Tirol Bus Srl. combines departures and arrivals within a certain time period; accordingly, passengers may be subject to reasonable waiting times at the airport.

Upon reservation, each customer shall receive a pick-up time from Tirol Bus Srl., which may alter depending on the route, traffic and weather conditions, with these alterations normally not amounting to less than 15 or more than 90 minutes.

If the driver is more than 10 minutes late when collecting passengers from the bus stop, the customer must immediately call the emergency number. This means that any problems can be dealt with to the customer’s satisfaction in a timely manner.

Private Transfers

For more exacting customers, or those operating to tight deadlines, we recommend our private transfer service.
In contrast to shared transfers with fixed departure times, the customer receives an individual service with a special journey.
The customer may make a booking for between 1 and 78 people at a private transfer price.
Any possible waiting times then no longer apply.

General Provisions and Exclusion of Liability
There is no fundamental obligation for the company to accept a transport order.
The scope of service and carriage prices can be found online on the booking website.

Tirol Bus Srl. cannot accept any liability for technical failures of its internet offering and the connected databases.
The carriage prices are strictly based on the booking website.

Data Processing and Confidentiality

Tirol Bus Srl. may process the data supplied by the customer, provided that it is required for the execution of the order. The customer expressly declares their consent to the data collected being used solely for operational purposes.
Tirol Bus Srl. undertakes to maintain confidentiality vis à vis its customers / passengers.

Severability Clause

Should one of the above clauses be or become ineffective, this shall not alter the validity of the contract. Any ineffective clauses shall be replaced by provisions in accordance with the law.


Any deficiencies in the execution of the contract must be raised immediately by the customer so that Tirol Bus Srl. has the opportunity to remedy them in a timely manner.
Otherwise, the customer must make their complaint in writing by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt or by certified (PEC) mail, which must be conveyed to Tirol Bus Srl. within 10 working days of the service being performed.

Place of Jurisdiction

Any disputes arising in connection with this agreement shall be referred solely to the Regional Court of Bolzano.

Tirol Bus Srl. wishes you a pleasant journey!